The Superheroes in Learning and Development

October 29, 2015 Melanie Moffett

It is Halloween season, and I don’t know about you but one of my favorite costumes to don at a Halloween party is a superhero costume. In our society today it seems that Superheroes are in vogue and this trend is sticking around.

So let’s have some fun, and talk about what kind of superheroes there are in the Learning and Development industry! What kind of learning superhero are you?  


Guardian of the Galaxy

You are fearless in the face of clutter. Governance is your middle name and you make sure that learning content is accessible and up to date. Old content is no match for you as it is summarily dismissed as soon as it loses its efficacy. You keep your organization from having those dreaded villains called "junk drawers."



Ironman / Ironwoman

Admit it, you are a technology geek. You see the CMS as the power suit you wear to boost up your work. You understand that having the right toolset is tantamount to your organization’s success. As a brilliant tech mind, you see how HTML and XML are the future of learning platforms.

King Arthur

Like King Arthur pulling the Excalibur out of the stone, you recognize content can’t be set in stone either. Content should be set free from courses and put into reusable nuggets. With the power of Excalibur (and bite-sized content!) you conquer your learning organization's challenges like a boss.




Wonder Woman / Superman

With your invulnerability and superhuman agility - you are a natural at agile learning. Like the warrior Princess of the Amazons or the warrior from the planet Krypton, you fight for justice against the supervillains of slow, linear and wasteful processes for the benefit of humanity, and also, your learners. 



The Flash

Like this super speedy superhero, you get that content development has to move at the speed of business. You fight against the relics of training content stuck inside courses that can't be adjusted in real-time. Out of date, old content giving learners bad information is your arch nemesis.





Captain Marvel

Like Captain Marvel, you are a skilled pilot and lead your elite team of learning superheroes to success. Your superpower includes durability, which comes in handy when implementing change management processes in your organization. Because of your forward-thinking skills, your organization of learning superheroes has been recognized as a strategic driver of overall business performance.

Batman / Batwoman


You weren't born with super powers - but so what? You have limitless amounts of creativity and have dreamed up some of the best designs this world has ever seen. Your mission is to defeat the Jokers of the world who can't understand how one image speaks a thousand words, and you seek to instill learning through the use of creative design.



The Green Arrow

Like this archery superstar, you strive never to miss your target. You live and breathe learning measurement and are savvy enough to know that learning is not the outcome anymore. You care about how the content helps the learner at their moment of need and drives employee and business performance.




Xyleme is content management for learning and development. Xyleme empowers all of your learning superheroes out there to transform your learning content into a high-performing business asset. Contact us to learn more

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Melanie Moffett

Melanie manages content marketing at Xyleme, Inc. Xyleme provides content management for learning and development. Melanie is responsible for maintaining the content inventory, editorial calendar and coordinating the full lifecycle of marketing content development. She is a skilled writer and a social media guru.

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