How to Transform Learning at Business-Speed

April 13, 2016 Ryan Campion

What do Dell and T-Mobile have in common? Both tech companies are hyper-focused[1] on strategy that improves their core business longevity and growth. And both have selected Xyleme as their technology partner to help transform learning through effective content.

It stands to reason. They both have rapidly evolving products, huge customer service organizations, and visionary leadership that values learning. They also have a lot of content, a lot of people, and a lot of opportunity to streamline learning delivery by adding Xyleme into their learning technology stack.

Dell’s obviously a huge company, and David Cameron, their Sr. Director of Tools and Technology, is responsible for ensuring their various business stakeholders are getting the training they need.

The problem Dell faced was that at any given point in time, multiple instructional designers around the globe were working on duplicate projects without realizing it.

Furthermore, when Dell needed to translate a course into another language, their IDs would often have to take a course produced in their non-native language and do their best to translate it. This led to translation times of up to 3 months and numerous formatting problems – too much for a fast-paced technology company.

As shared on a recent webinar on April 6th, The Continuous Learning Technology Stack (check out the recording here!), Cameron implemented Xyleme’s learning content platform to create content standardization across all their global learning units, reducing formatting errors & duplicate work, and cutting translation times down to around 5 days.

Cameron stated, “Our content developers came back to us very quickly and said, ‘I don’t have to format anymore – so I can really concentrate on what makes exciting and engaging learning for my stakeholder because I’m not spending 40% of my time formatting.’ ”

At T-Mobile, Sr. Manager of Customer Service L&D, David Unruh, faced the monumental task of getting their customer service reps up to 100% productivity faster, driven by the fact the business has doubled its customer base in just 3 years.

Taking the “un-carrier” approach of flipping things around in favor of the consumer, Unruh and his team are changing the way learning works at T-Mobile – especially in onboarding where they are implementing a flipped classroom to get more information to their reps, when they need it, to increase performance and retention.

With Xyleme, Unruh’s tackling their vision of having “one system where we could create print, eLearning, and mLearning content, be able to share it across different lines of business,” and “being able to not have to go back and completely reinvent all the content.”

If you want the full scoop from Dell and T-Mobile, as well as some compelling research from Dani Johnson, VP of L&D Research at Bersin by Deloitte, watch the webinar now!

And if you’d like to learn more about Xyleme’s learning content platform, please feel free to contact us.







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