Building the Business Case for Learning Content Management

July 14, 2016 Monica Kraft

Building the business case for modern learning content management begins with showing the business opportunity.  For example...

Today’s speed of business is dizzying. Product commoditization quickly overtakes product differentiation. Because of this, our reliance upon our workforce to differentiate OUR COMPANY from its competition has never been more critical. As our ‘brand's ambassadors’ we must ensure that our people are always the most expert and capable in our marketplace, not lagging behind creating frustration with our partners and customers. We must accelerate our people’s “speed to expertise” and keep them there on a continuous basis.

The fuel for enabling our workforce exists in our learning content. This represents our organization’s knowledge and expertise. It is the information that needs to be conveniently available…always. Our learners have come to expect the convenience of “anywhere, anytime, on demand”. 

We need a modern learning platform that can marry our learning content with the speed and availability of today’s technologies. It is not just about eLearning and classroom training anymore. We need a modern learning platform that can let us create and deliver micro-learning and assessments along with our formal programs in a highly standardized way so we can control versions, delivery and measure success. 

Whatever your business issues are, if effective learning content can make the difference between success and failure, you will have to paint the picture of what the future can be like.  If you are ready to make a recommendation, you must show the analysis as to "why" this is the right solution for your organization, and gain support from others.

For a short tutorial on how to build your business case, play the animation below, and download the sample business case.  

If you are building the business case for a modern learning system,
Xyleme would be happy to help!  Contact us today.

About the Author

Monica Kraft

Monica Kraft is the Director of Product Marketing for Xyleme, Inc. Xyleme provides content management for learning and development. In this role, Monica is responsible for PR, event planning, customer relationship development, sales enablement, content development for and driving digital marketing/solution education, and input into the branding strategy and overall marketing plan and budget.

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