Xyleme, Caterpillar and Paychex Take DevLearn 2014!

April 8, 2015

DevLearn is a show near and dear to our hearts here at Xyleme. It’s one of the first shows we attended as a small upstart, and now, 120+ employees later, it’s still one of our go-to events. 

This year, we had the pleasure of not only expanding our presence at DevLearn, but sharing the stage with two of our award-winning customers: Caterpillar and Paychex. Both of these companies have been recognized by Bersin by Deloitte as a High Impact Learning Organization (HILO). Judging from their popularity at DevLean, it’s clear why. Here’s a rundown of our joint activities:

Caterpillar and Xyleme win DemoFest!

Michael Miller, Division Manager, Global Service Training at Caterpillar teamed up with our own Caleb Brunel, Solution Architect at Xyleme to demonstrate how Caterpillar, leveraging Xyleme’s responsive design capabilities, delivers learning anytime, anywhere, on any device.

During DemoFest, Michael let users take the same Caterpillar course on a laptop, tablet and smartphone. The demo was very tactile which voters loved - they stayed at the demo table a long time, asked a lot of questions, and voted accordingly. Well done team!

If you missed it at DemoFest, you can check out Caterpillar and Xyleme’s winning entry at the Best of eLearning DemoFest 2014 Webinar on Wednesday, November 19, 10-11:30am Pacific time. You can register here

Paychex and Caterpillar talk Single-Sourcing
Christine Duckworth from the Chapman Alliance led a panel of eLearning specialists, instructional designers and business stakeholders from both Paychex and Caterpillar. The topic: Do’s and don’ts for single-sourcing your learning content. Here’s what they discussed:

Paychex on why single-source content management

Laura Blind, Manager, Training Content Management and Dan Schaeffer, Learning Designer at Paychex kicked off the panel by explaining the critical need for learning content management. Paychex’ training organization consists of 90 individuals who are tasked with delivering over one million training hours every single year.

First up, Laura spoke about Paychex’ business goals of the project: eliminating expensive content redundancy, improving collaboration among instructional designers and increasing the efficiency of content development and delivery. She also provided an honest assessment that business process improvements take time and change doesn’t happen overnight.

Dan followed up by talking about the change management involved with implementing a new system and new development processes. He explained the initiatives that they undertook to get people on board and shared statistics of user adoption with Paychex.

Here is the Paychex presentation:

Caterpillar on using single-source to write once, publish to multiple outputs

Maurice King, Assistant Dean, Cat University and Michael Miller at Caterpillar then took the stage to discuss how they used content management to increase learner engagement and improve time-to-market for new and updated blended training materials.

Maurice kicked of this portion of the panel by discussing the massive reach of Cat University: 180 dealers, 70,000 dealer users, 50,000 instructor-lead trainings and over 800,000 completed course sessions. For Maurice, content management is critical for Caterpillar to effectively manage these materials and their various touch points: classroom, eLearning and mobile.

Mike then dove into the details explaining the urgency of managing content that is constantly changing. He also discussed the importance of a content strategy at Caterpillar to make their training more effective and more concise. Mike closed out the panel by talking about the use of responsive design to deliver their training content to any device.

Here is the Caterpillar presentation:

For those who missed the panel discussion, have no fear, we recorded it and will have an on-demand version of the panel discussion available soon. 

One-on-one discussions with Caterpillar and Paychex at the Xyleme booth

After the panel, the Xyleme booth was overrun with people wanting to learn more about learning content management and the Caterpillar and Paychex projects. Laura, Dan, Maurice and Michael were more than happy to accommodate and spent several hours over the remainder of DevLearn talking to people in depth and giving demonstrations of their Xyleme implementation to numerous grateful attendees.

Xyleme’s content management solutions are brought in to deal with some heavy learning challenges. The partnerships that Xyleme forms with our customers are unparalleled and one of our highest priorities. Our deepest gratitude goes out to Paychex and Caterpillar for helping to create an incredible event.

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