Podcast: Meeting the Needs of Learning Organizations

March 6, 2015 Melanie Moffett

Welcome to part three of our four-part audio podcast series! Senior Learning Analyst David Wentworth interviewed Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon Hall Group, and Dawn Poulos, VP of Marketing at Xyleme, and asked them key questions about the latest developments in content management for learning and development.

Part three focuses on learning technology. In the previous installments, we heard about learner requirements and how those requirements impact the development of learning content. So the question posed to Dawn and Michael this week is this: does the current learning technology within organizations meet the requirements for the development and delivery of content?

Dawn explains that many organizations are missing a key part of their learning architecture. The systems they do have—the Learning Management System and Talent Management System—can’t keep up with the speed, complexity, and growing volume of learning content demands. This is where content management comes in: it’s the third critical piece of the learning architecture.

Today, instead of using strong content management practices, a lot of organizations depend on desktop rapid-authoring embedded in a non-scalable process. As a result, these organizations often have out-of-date, stale, or duplicate content. Dawn points out that this can really cost a business, with a single hour of training costing upwards of $15,000.

Difficulty of use and lack of mobile features are top complaints heard about LMSs. Additionally, current technologies provide a very limited understanding of how learning content is being used. Nearly 50 percent of companies are considering leaving their learning platforms because they need a better solution to these problems.

Michael mentions that there are good tools out there to develop content and to deliver content. But the missing third dimension is the management of content.

Michael talks about the strategy of repurposing content to create learning at the speed of business and satisfy the complex needs of multigenerational learners. In order to accomplish this, you need to be able to divide learning into bite-size pieces. This allows you to reuse and repurpose your content and edit it globally at a moment’s notice without having to recreate the entire course, which, as Dawn pointed out, costs $15,000+ an hour.

In order for a learning strategy to be properly managed, organizations need a content management system approach with a content repository that stores and tags learning content as bite-sized pieces so they are easily found and incorporated into courses. The combination of an authoring tool, a learning content management system, and a deployment system in one piece of technology offers a superb approach to creating and delivering content that can keep learning immediate and relevant to the learner.

You can listen to the full podcast below. Come back next week to hear the fourth and final podcast! 

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