Podcast: Critical Requirements for Learners

February 13, 2015 Melanie Moffett

Welcome to part one of our four-part audio podcast series! Xyleme partnered with Brandon Hall Group to discuss the latest developments in content management for learning and development. Senior Learning Analyst David Wentworth interviewed Michael Rochelle, Chief Strategy Officer at Brandon Hall Group, and Dawn Poulos, VP of Marketing at Xyleme and asked them key questions about this topic.

Part one encapsulates the critical requirements for learners in today’s business environment. I will summarize some key points in the podcast for you, but you can also listen to the short podcast below.

Michael brings up an interesting concept in learning called the “Moment of Truth”—the need to have learning immediately accessible and relevant to the task the learner is about to perform.

Michael also mentions the highly personal aspect of learning today or “what’s in it for me” learning. Learners want to know that the organization is committed to providing opportunities that align with their interests and not just those of the company.

Dawn has a bit of a different perspective and talks about three common themes that make learning interesting: the need to close skill gaps, learning agility, and a distributed workforce.

Closing skill gaps is key as complexity is growing faster than expertise. We hear this a lot from our customers. Additionally, many of our customers have a rapidly aging workforce, and as this large group of people is leaving, companies can’t just go and hire new people that are immediately competent.

Learning agility is an important requirement for learners. Dawn points out that we have five generations in the workforce today! This means we have five generations that learn very differently, yet we still tend to train all employees in one way.

Finally, we are seeing more and more companies with a distributed workforce. Xyleme is a great example of this as we are spread out all over the world! Because of this type of environment, more and more people are starting to use mobile phones. In fact, 35% of learners use their mobile phones to solve problems, and they aren’t getting the user experience they want.

You can listen to the full podcast below, and make sure to tune in next week to hear about the impact of these learner requirements on content development and delivery!

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Melanie manages content marketing at Xyleme, Inc. Xyleme provides content management for learning and development. Melanie is responsible for maintaining the content inventory, editorial calendar and coordinating the full lifecycle of marketing content development. She is a skilled writer and a social media guru.

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