Pastiche 2.6 from Xyleme now available

April 22, 2013 Sarah Danzl

Pastiche 2.6 is an offline player for iPad and Android tablets that tracks and reports scores from interactive courses to the LMS.

This new feature of Pastiche allows your nomad and field learners to download and take courses on their tablets and complete them on their time, regardless of connectivity. For example, a course can be taken while on a business trip and mid-flight. Then, when you land or get to the hotel and access the Internet, the score can then be reported back to the LMS.

More specifically, now you can publish tablet enhanced courses from Xyleme LCMS and let your learners take those courses offline on their iPad or Android tablets using Pastiche 2.6. When they have completed the course they can submit the score to a SCORM compliant LMS as soon as an internet connection becomes available.

Pastiche 2.6 also includes a full text search engine for finding topics and media content across all downloaded materials, an enhanced performance support navigation for each course and tracking and reports on content that has been downloaded.

Questions or want to learn more? Visit our Pastiche page on the Xyleme website.

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