Announcing Bravais 1.2!

November 1, 2012 Sarah Danzl

Bravais 1.2 provides the ability to track and report on all the content published to and from the BravaisTM cloud platform, no matter the device from which the content is being accessed. Effectiveness can now be measured by individual piece of content, such as video clips, specific topics, lessons, and interactions. Long gone are the days where you can only track if the entire course was downloaded and completed.

With Bravais 1.2, the granularity of the content allows executives and decision-makers to evaluate exactly which pieces of content are most effective and which devices are most preferred at the moment of need. This, in turn, allows for a continuous cycle of improving content.

Users that have both Xyleme LCMS and Bravais have a huge advantage- consolidated analytics. From Xyleme LCMS, you can publish to multiple outputs from the same source content that can also be targetted to different audiences or applications. Because all outputs are always linked to the single-source content, Bravais can consolidate how the same source content is accessed through different outputs and delivery channels, bringing a whole new dimension to learning content analytics.

The tracking in Bravais 1.2 includes:

  • how users are accessing content
  • identify which pieces are most popular
  • evaluate how the content is performing

Furthermore, because Xyleme follows an Agile Development process, analytics will soon be enhanced with new features such as social comments and ratings on a continuous basis.

Bravais Content Report

Other new features in Bravais 1.2 include:

  • Analytics API: User access to tracking data and allows users to plug in third party reporting tools like SAP Crystal Reports. This enables users to cross-reference the data with other data sources within their organizations.
  • User Management, Classification APIs and Learning Channels: These administration features are now available through the API’s.
  • Batch Content Uploads: The ability to upload and classify multiple learning assets at one time.

If you have questions or would like a demo, visit the Bravais page on the Xyleme website.

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