Brent Schlenker on the Convergence of Academic and Corporate eLearning Needs

November 16, 2011 Sarah Danzl

Brent Schlenker is a recognized eLearning Industry Leader with over 12 years of experience implementing eLearning technologies across the globe. He is the DevLearn Program Director & New Media and Emerging Technologies analyst at The eLearning Guild. Blogging since 2004, Brent writes on corporate eLearning strategies and development, and aims to explore the crossroads of technology and learning. In today’s podcast Brent will be discussing the convergence of academic eLearning needs and corporate eLearning needs.

Brent Schlenker argues that corporations and academic institutions are struggling with the same technology concerns: security, social behavior and productivity. He makes the point that corporate eLearning and academic eLearning are converging as new technologies drive new business models.

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