What’s New in Pastiche™ Version 1.4?

September 12, 2011 rguiu

By Ramon Guiu

The Pastiche iPad app version 1.4 is out! You can now download it from the App Store.

This new version comes with support for glossary. So now when you open a course from the Bookshelf you can access the glossary for that course through a button on the bottom bar. Keeping true to our flexible model, publishers can decide whether they want to have a glossary or not when they create a course for Pastiche. The feature will automatically be enabled or disabled by the app for each particular course.

To navigate through the glossary users swipe a finger vertically on the screen or use the top bar letter index for quicker access to a section. Clicking on a term will reveal its definition.


Publishers can now group the lessons of a course within modules, offering learners a more convenient navigation through the content when courses are long.

On top of the glossary and module feature, we have updated the look and feel of the questions in the Quiz Me section in our demo app. The new design is cleaner and more user friendly. In any case, publishers have total control over this and can define their own look and feel.


Big announcements are coming with the next version of Pastiche that will be available in 7 weeks, so stay tuned.

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