Kevin Kruse on Increasing Performance and Profits Through Job Satisfaction

July 15, 2011 Sarah Danzl

Kevin Kruse is co-author of NY Times Bestseller, We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement. Unlike others who have studied leadership, Kevin is neither an HR professional nor an academic; he’s a serial entrepreneur whose companies have won awards for both fast growth and the prestigious Best Place to Work award.

Today’s podcast is based on insights from Kevin’s book. Did you know that, on average, people who are dissatisfied at work weigh 5 pounds more than people who are satisfied in their job and that they also have a higher risk for heart attacks? Kevin shows us how having a bad job is lethal (literally) to both the employee and the company, and he outlines the three drivers needed to create an engaged workplace. Kevin’s insights provide a roadmap for leaders who want to maximize the employee engagement of their teams.

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Sarah Danzl

Sarah manages the public face of Xyleme, overseeing all PR and Customer Communication. She is a specialist in written communications, media relations and reputation management. One of her favorite aspects of her job at Xyleme is working with the customers on on joint initiatives, including award applications.

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