Connie Malamed on Visual Learning

April 28, 2015 Sarah Danzl

Connie Malamed is a popular blogger and author of ‘Visual Language for Designers’, an insightful book on information designed for visual communicators and applicable to the field of learning and instructional design. Connie also runs a unique consulting practice through which she designs, develops and consults on projects for clients that blend visual communication with cognitive psychology. She shares her expertise in her blog, The eLearning Coach, where you’ll also find free eLearning and instructional design resources available for download.

Today’s podcast is based on insights from her book, as Connie takes us through the basics of Visual Learning – from what it is to how we are ‘hardwired’ for it, and how instructional designers can make graphics more cognitively efficient. Finally Connie talks about how emotion and cognition are interdependent and how designers can leverage this to connect with the audience through emotions.

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Sarah manages the public face of Xyleme, overseeing all PR and Customer Communication. She is a specialist in written communications, media relations and reputation management. One of her favorite aspects of her job at Xyleme is working with the customers on on joint initiatives, including award applications.

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