Mark Berthelemy on Getting More from your LMS

March 25, 2011 Sarah Danzl

Mark Berthelemy is Solutions Architect at Capita Learning and Development in the UK and a learning technology specialist with over 10 years experience in the eLearning industry. Mark is also the author of the Learning Conversations blog, where he makes the case that companies are spending thousands of dollars on creating training content but they are locking it away in their Learning Management System (LMS). In today’s podcast Mark will be discussing how to get more from your LMS.

In the corporate learning context, Mark argues that learners cannot quickly get the information they need because the content they require is sitting inside the company’s LMS without the ability to search for it. Mark explains how the problem lies not with the system itself, but with how it is used in conjunction with other systems and he offers his advice on how corporations can best address this issue in the workplace.

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