Ben Martin on Effective Content Globalization (Part II)

September 29, 2009 Sarah Danzl

In the second of this two-part podcast on content globalization, Ben Martin, a recognized expert in “write once and reuse” content management strategies and an authority in reuse of information across multiple languages, explores – from a strategic point of view – what best practices organizations should follow to effectively globalize their content.

Ben argues about the importance of having an officer at the highest company level with a horizontal view across all departments to own the globalization strategy. He also introduces his program for a globally fit organization and discusses a set of best practices in order for companies to “eliminate the transfat in their diet” and develop a strategy to maintain their global brand. Also, don’t forget to listen to the first part of Ben’s podcast where he analyzes the issues organizations have to deal with when trying to localize and translate their content for a global audience.

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Sarah Danzl

Sarah manages the public face of Xyleme, overseeing all PR and Customer Communication. She is a specialist in written communications, media relations and reputation management. One of her favorite aspects of her job at Xyleme is working with the customers on on joint initiatives, including award applications.

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