Ben Martin on Effective Content Globalization (Part I)

August 5, 2009 Sarah Danzl

Ben Martin is a recognized expert in “write once and reuse” content management strategies and an authority in reuse of information across multiple languages. In the first of this two-part podcast on content globalization, he explains the issues and obstacles organizations face trying to localize and translate content for a global audience.

Ben argues that by not recognizing the value of linguistic assets and by putting no enterprise strategy in place for content globalization, organizations are limited in their ability to: conceptualize a content product for the global marketplace, internationalize that content so it can handle multiple languages and cultural conventions, and localize content for various markets, regions or localities. He also briefly discusses how a single-source initiative can help companies effectively leverage their enterprise translation efforts so as to maximize the ROI of their translation spend.

Also, please don’t forget to listen to the second part of Ben’s podcast where he explores best practices organizations should follow to effectively globalize their content.

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Sarah Danzl

Sarah manages the public face of Xyleme, overseeing all PR and Customer Communication. She is a specialist in written communications, media relations and reputation management. One of her favorite aspects of her job at Xyleme is working with the customers on on joint initiatives, including award applications.

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