Why Learning and Enterprise Content Management?

January 22, 2009 Mark Hellinger

As we start the New Year I thought I’d chat about our latest announcement - Xyleme LCMS running as an integrated solution (application) on EMC’s Documentum platform. If you have been following Xyleme, you will know that we have always been built on a native XML content platform. Up until now, the major ECM players have not provided an XML platform that could handle the granularity and performance required by our application. But this has changed with EMC’s acquisition of X-Hive last year and its recent integration into the Documentum platform. We can now offer an integrated solution with the world’s leading ECM platform.

When we started a few years ago, we decided to use XML as the foundation of our LCMS solution. This has proven to be the right decision as XML has become the de facto standard not only for content portability, but for learning content as well. Unlike our competitors who use proprietary technology to store and manage reusable learning objects, our solution was designed to be portable across content management systems. With the new ECM Documentum offering, this means that you now easily integrate your learning content with the entire enterprise, eliminating another silo in your organization. Let me give you an example.

Let’s suppose you have a product or technical documentation group that is using XML for its content development (a pretty typical scenario). By utilizing Xyleme LCMS on the EMC platform, you can read and write XML to the same repository. This means that as technical documentation develops topics, procedures and the like, you can use them in your learning content, whether for eLearning, instructor-led training or performance support. Even if the content wasn’t developed in XML, with our new offering you can see all of the content in Documentum from inside of Xyleme LCMS and decide how to repurpose it. You can take advantage of Documentum’s collaboration tools, extensive media management capabilities and workflow technology. And your IT organization will eagerly support this strategy since they already support the platform!

Xyleme LCMS on Documentum is not for everyone. Our existing platform continues to provide great price/performance and is the right footprint for many organizations. But now you have options…

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Mark Hellinger

As President and CEO of Xyleme, Inc., Mark is one of the training industry’s leading technologists. He has an extensive track record of building successful technology companies, from early-stage private investment through IPO or acquisition. Prior to Xyleme, Mark was CEO of PRAJA, a leader in business activity monitoring that was successfully sold to TIBCO Software.

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