Dr. Ann Kwinn on Designing for the Virtual Classroom

September 2, 2008 Sarah Danzl

In this podcast, Dr. Ann Kwinn, a recognized specialist in synchronous e-learning, discusses best practices in designing for the virtual classroom.

Dr. Kwinn shares with our audience how both teaching processes and technologies are adapting to meet the needs of an audience that is no longer face-to-face. She describes an optimal model of interactivity and talks about the tools available to convey non-verbal cues, encourage full audience participation and facilitate collaboration. Ann also takes the time to discuss her new book, written with Dr. Ruth Clark, The New Virtual Classroom.

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Sarah Danzl

Sarah manages the public face of Xyleme, overseeing all PR and Customer Communication. She is a specialist in written communications, media relations and reputation management. One of her favorite aspects of her job at Xyleme is working with the customers on on joint initiatives, including award applications.

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